Thursday, 9 February 2012


My mother recently passed away in British Columbia. She was cremated and we had a small ceremony there. My sister has taken her remains to the Caribbean where there will be ceremonies on the islands of St. Kitts and Anguilla. I will not be heading south to take part so I wrote this tribute to my mum.
I wrote a few lines after her passing to help myself cope. To deal with her mortality as well as death in general. Somehow studying the physics and philosophies regarding existence, decay and eternity gave me some peace. I used it as part of a tribute to my mum which will be read to family and friends at the memorials.
It saddens me that I will not be in attendance with you all. It would be a pleasure and honor to be among family and friends here on St. Kitts. I am fortunate though, to have been able to spend time with my mother before her passing.
I will always cherish the last few months we spent together. We had good times and laughter, which will always be precious to me. Near the end of our time together it was not easy knowing she was suffering. When she was taken from us, I realized how exquisite a grain of time’s sand really is. 
I will forever remember December 22nd 2011, five days after her birthday, three days before Christmas and on the winter solstice. It was not just the longest night of the year it was the darkest day of my life. At the same time, I felt sorrow for our loss and relief that her suffering had ended. 
Her 71 years and 5 days here had come to an end. Afterwards, as I came to the realization that the joy and pain of life are constrained by time, these words came to me.
We have no recourse but to stumble forward into the infinity of dark labyrinths momentarily illuminated by consciousness. Our hazy mind's eyes gaze back at fading wonders and horrors of apprehend. Embraced by destiny's mysteries, one wanders the maze. Bound to this plane are we, chattels of Cronus, reserved to be consumed, fodder, energy. Freedom lies without this dark space and its shadows, in the light of an eternity of eternities.
To my Mother Ester Veronica,
Your Elevated Spirit: Profection into the light of an eternity of eternities.

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