Saturday, 11 February 2012


 I remember the last time I saw my cousin. My fortieth birthday party was winding down. He had just finished his gig at Joe Mamas and made his way to the hotel. I was standing outside with some of my dearest friends when he arrived. We embraced, overcome with joy, hopping about like little schoolboys. We shared that moment almost three years ago. I've gone through some hazy days but that slice of time is crystal clear.

 Looking back, I get a strange feeling. Earlier that night, I had left my own party to go and see him do his "grind" down on King Street. How was I to know it would be the last time I would see him play. I knew, one half of a year later, he would leave this existence before me. 

 I do not like the term "rest in peace". The echo of deafening silence ringing into eternity has little appeal. I, and I am sure many, hear it too often. In any case, I am sure he is making and enjoying music and laughter wherever he is.

- Your Cuddin'

David D Williams 03-27-1965 to 01-06-2010

David Williams (Soulfingaz) was placed to rest on Wednesday January 13, 2010

A mainstay in the International music scene,Soulfingaz studied composition and piano in Toronto ,and since has been playing professionally in Canada, the US and Europe. As well as being self-taught, he plays rock, soul, funk, gospel, jazz, latin, classical, hip hop and other styles yet to be classified. His knowledge of harmony and his ear for melody can be heard on the many artists he has worked with either in the studio or live in the local and international music scene . He signed with EMI/Canada Music Publishing in hopes of reaching an even greater artist base with his talent as a Producer/Songwriter/Musician...(not any particular order)worldwide!

Soulfingaz has worked with K-OS(Sunday Morning) ,Salome Bey, RES, Esthero(Musical Director), Parliament Funkadelic , Long Overdue, Dream Warriors(Soundclash!), Beenie Man, Saukrates, Orin Isaacs(Mike Bullard Show), Doc(Esthero,GraphNobel), Kush, Molly Johnson, Billy-Newton Davis, Melanie Durrant, N'dea Davenport(Brand New Heavies), Ray Robinson, Simone Denny(Love Inc.), Deborah Cox, Ivana Santilli, Dawn Silva/Brides Of Funkenstein, Craig Razzor Sharpe(Canadian Idol!), Matt Dusk, Divine Brown, Abacus, Hotboxx, Kalabash(PanJazz), Tom McKay, The Blotts, Mark Plati(David Bowie,Prince,The Cure), Belle Phoenix, James Hudson Bay(Dying Hyms), Cutty Ranks, Mishke(B2K), Alex Greggs(N'Sync,Micheal Jackson,BackStreet Boys), Lakota Son, Kelis(Femi Kuti:Red,Hot&Riot), Palomino, Tyrese(Four Brothers), Freddie McGregor, Vibrolux, RES, Izzy Novak, Jacksoul,(The 13th), Master T(Da Mix On Muchmusic), 2Rude, St.Peter Miller, Mani Khaira, The Ethnocentric Bubbleheads, Measha Brueggergosman, Alana Levandoski(As The Crow Flies), The A-Team, Bass Is Base, Choclair, Michie Mee, Ghetto Concept, The Premiums, James Bryon(Philosopher Kings,Prozzak), Len, Jarvis Church(Nelly Furtado), Thomas"Nate"Reynolds, Will Kevans(They'll Shoot You Down), Chris Rouse(Arousal!), Ammoye(Soulovestar), Shane Philips(Everybody), Katherine McPhee(American Idol), Kevin Breit(Norah Jones) , Ken Nelson and Mark Phythian(Coldplay), Paul Shaffer(David Letterman), Dan Akroyd (SNL,Blues Brothers), Papichulo Crew, Eden Ants, Gruvoria, Melanie Durrant(Bang,Bang!!), Eddie Bullen, Skip Martin(The Dazz Band), Barrington Levy, MOS DEF, Vanessa.B Williams(SoulFood), Tara Sloane (Joydrop), Vaness Alegassi, MissFly(U Say,Daydreamin'), Keisha Chante, David Deacon & The Word, Shantall Young(Dimple Entertainment, Latin Vibes), Big Sugar, Gordie Johnson, Ian Thornley(Big Wreck), Joydrop, Graph Nobel, Leh Lo , Glenn Lewis , Wade O Brown(DUBBLIFE!!), Hello Charlie(Hip Kids), DAZE7(The Grace,I Don't Wanna Know), just to name a few, and also scores for Film and Television in Canada and the U.S.Some of his work can be be heard on Canadian Idol(CTV), Divine Restoration( Vision 1/TV1), Ooh..La..La(City TV), Ed's Night Party(City TV), Pumped!(TVO), Catwalk(YTV) As well as being the writer for the theme song for the Toronto Show(SunTV/Toronto1). He's played in the theatrical productions of Salome Bey's "Rainbow World","'Mamma I Want To Sing" as well as in the live house band for "Canada's Walk of Fame" and the Gemini Awards.     

YAHWEH, Mom, Jesse and Brandon, J.Fly, Miles Davis, Prince, David Bowie, Bob Marley, Nine Inch Nails, Fishbone, Depeche Mode, The Time, Mazzy Star, Donny Hathaway, Billie Holiday, Trevor Horn, Deftones, Ella, Stone Temple Pilots, Soundgarden, 4hero, ABBA, Daft Punk, John Williams, "The Force", Jeff Buckley, Tears For Fears, Chaka Khan, Joy Division, Style Council, MJ, Scritti Politti, Larry Graham, Salome Bey, Blondie, Al Green, Return To Forever, Areatha, Gino Vanelli, INXS, Claire Fischer, Sly and The Famlee Stone, Charlie Parker, Leh-lo, The Blotts, Kate Bush, B.S.A., OmarUK, Sisters Of Mercy, The Barrett Family, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Prefab Sprout, Oscar Peterson, Outkast, The White Stripes, Elton John/Bernie Taupin, Kraftwerk, Sting, StevieWonder, Biggie, WHAM!, Steele Pulse, The Eagles, Hall and Oates, Tom Jones, Nat King Cole, Steely Dan, Muse, Rush, Roger Troutman&Zapp, U2, Bach, John Coltrane, The Cure, Ray Charles, Queen, Lewis Taylor, Beck, Cameo, Radiohead, J.F.K.C.(Jane/Finch /Keele Cartel!!), Hova, Led Zepplin, Ozzy(Randy Rhodes), Herbie Handcock, Bjork, Van Halen, Thomas Dolby, Santana, Parliament Funkadelic, The Smiths, Duran Duran, Bar-Kays, S.O.S.,Carlos Jobim, The Police, Morrisey, Jimi Hendrix, The Laneways, LIFE and YOU!!, to name a few..!


...He is with me Always, even until the end of time...

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