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Biography of Herbert Carnegie

Written by Sebastian Landry (5th grade student)


Herbert Carnegie was born in Toronto on Nov. 8, 1919 and he died on March 9, 2012 at the age of 92 years old.  His parents were originally from Jamaica.

Personal Background And Obstacles He Encountered

Herbert Carnegie played hockey in the 1940’s and 50’s.  He is known as the best  player never to play in the NHL.  This was because of discrimination and racism.  In 1938 Con Smythe of the Toronto Maple Leafs said he would take Carnegie as a Leaf if he were white or he would pay $10,000 to anyone who could turn Carnegie white.  Some of his team names were very racist such as The Brown Bombers, The Famous Coloured Line, The Ink spot and The Dark Destroyers.

Important Traits/Characteristics of This Person

He was brave for standing up to what he believed.  He was good enough to get drafted by New York but was told to go to the farm team.  Instead he went back home to play with the Quebec Senior Hockey Team.  If he couldn't play for the team he was picked for then he wouldn't play for them at all.
He was very generous with his money.  He started a hockey school called the Future Aces and he created a foundation to help children succeed in school and in sports by giving them scholarships.

Things I Admire About This Person

I admire him for being a very good hockey player.  He continued to play even though he never got a chance to play for the NHL. 
He was also a very good golfer winning the Canadians Senior amateur title 2 times and a successful business man.
He never let people's racism to bring him down.  He was still a very successful man who has given other children the chance to be what they want something he didn't get.

Contributions And Why He Was Famous

He has won the Queen's Jubilee Medal, Ontario Medal for Good Citizenship, he was inducted into Canada's Sports Hall of Fame in 2001 and was named to the Order of Canada in 2003.
His biggest contibution is giving kids of all ages hope and encouragement to succeed.  He created the Future Aces Philosophy and team.  The Future Aces philosophy is part of the Toronto Board of Education and can be found in many of the classrooms.  See page 3 & 4 for a list of dozens of achievements.

Future Aces

A I will endeavour to develop a positive mental Attitude toward all people and toward my work.
    I will endeavour to develop my talents and Ability in order that I may be helpful to society.
    I will endeavour to use my talens and act upon my ability, for without Action I am limited.
    I will endeavour, through a positive mental attitude, through my ability and through my actions
    to advance not only the values that are important to me, but also the values that are important  
    to others.
    I will endeavour to Achieve my goal by honest and sincere effort.

C I will endeavour to Co-operate and seek understand with all people, regardless of colour, race or
    I will endeavour to act Courageously, standing for what is right and speaking out against what is
    I will endeavour to be Confident without being arrogant.

E I will endeavour to acquire the best Education within my capability.
   I will endeavour to sent a good Example to others.

S I will endeavour to render Service to others.
   I will endeavour to be a  good sport in all my decisions, recognizing fair play to all, not
   complaining about adverse situations but accepting the good with the bad.

   Written by Herb Carnegie & his daughter Bernice

“What I wanted was a Canada where kids could dream and dreams could become realities, and the place to start was with young people.” - Herb Carnegie


Seven Medals for Community Service
• Order of Canada – May 2004
• Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal – 2002
• Order of Ontario (O.Ont.) – 1996
• Commemorative Medal for the 125th Anniversary of Canada – 1992
• Metropolitan Toronto Canada Day Medal – 1990
• Ontario Medal for Good Citizenship (O.M.C.) – 1988
• Queen’s Silver Jubilee Medal – 1977

Ten Hall of Fame Awards
• Whitevale Hall of Fame – 2008
• African American Ethnic Sports Hall of Fame – 2007
• Black Hockey and Sports Hall of Fame – 2006
• Senior Hockey Hall of Fame Immortal – (Career 1940 – 1954) – 2004
• Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame (Hockey) – 2001
• International Afro-American Sport Hall of Fame and Gallery (Detroit) – 1997
• Owen Sound Sports Hall of Fame (Hockey) – 1997
• Investors Group Ontario Hall of Fame (Business) – 1997
• Pride Hall of Fame (Community) – 1997
• Summit Wall of Fame (Golf)– 1996

Other Community Awards/Recognition
• Zoomers: Recognized as one of the Top 25 Canadians over 45 – 2010
• Dr. Herbert H. Carnegie Community Room – York Regional Police June 2009
• Apple Creek SDA Role Model Award – February 2009
• Herbert H. Carnegie Public School – opened September 2008
• Planet Africa Lifetime Achievement Award – 2007
• Urban Leadership Awards – Local Hero – 2007
• Honorary Doctor of Laws (York University) – June 12, 2006
• H. Carnegie –Doll for Democracy commissioned by the Jewish Women International of Toronto.                Educational project designed to share the history of noteworthy people through the medium of dolls.             -2005
• Appointed Honorary Chief of Police for York Regional Police – 2005
• Herbert H. Carnegie Service Award – 2004 / an annual award established by the York Regional Police to  be given to an officer who displays exemplary service to his community.
• Herbert H. Carnegie Community Service Award – 2004 / an annual award established by Investors Group Financial Services to be given to a consultant who excels in his career and service to his community.
• Black History Makers Award – 2003 / presented by the Peel United Cultural Partners
• Harry Jerome President’s Award – April 2002
• 2001 Harmony Award / presented by the Harmony Movement of Canada for his contribution to bringing harmony to our     multicultural community.
•Certificate of Recognition / presented by B’nai Brith Canada 2001 / for outstanding contribution to young     people, by establishing the world’s first hockey school, the Future Aces Creed, a scholarship program for good citizenship and community outreach.
• Black History Month Award / presented by the Mayor of Toronto – 2000
• Black History Month Award / presented by the North York Committee on Race Relations –1999
• Volunteer Award of Distinction – 1997
• Salute to the City Award – 1997
• Community Race and Ethnic Relations – 1996
• Toronto Onyx Lions Club Community Recognition Award – 1994, 1995, 1996
• North York Board of Education Champions Award – 1989
• City of North York Volunteer of the Year – 1989

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