Friday, 10 February 2012


The actions of the corrupt and greedy prove William Shakespeare's point of "Hell is empty and all the devils are here." - Mali Anne Woods

It's truly sad that we have lost such an artist and activist. Her light and music vibrate eternally.

FACE AGAIN was originally written by Mali Woods and she has a newer version of this out.
She and JK-47 met through Youtube when she heard his remix of the Feist "Honey Honey"

JK-47 thought her voice and music was absolutely beautiful. So as soon as he first heard "Face Again" he asked Mali if he could remix it and she was really excited about it. 

After the sad news that Mali Woods had passed away, JK-47 put their remix on his upcoming project called "Lost & Founds" 

Mali will forever be in our hearts and may she rest in beautiful peace... 

Free Download Available At: JK-47.BANDCAMP.COM. "Lost & Founds" Album Available On itunes!!!!!

the undernourished the under privileged 
how hard i had to try to not cry
always pick up chunks of the environment
so easily influenced
what can i do that doesn't extend beyond my nature
what is within my limit the curious eyes reassurance
write my way into a song
the neglected comfort
have had hearts shattered
their trust stolen
their possessions unknown
the anger's like a sore muscle 
from running around tracks so fast
the have to release they have to speak
the confession the secret has to much weight
another person listening is all it takes
water and food
crackling of the fire
she said my slave name
the connection 
the offer
the opportunities
the dialogue
if you wanna play in the street you'll get run over
just go and play along
these confessions these ball and chains you carry
you drag around they're just so overbearing
god please help lighten the burdens
i can't even write my way out of them 
oh the loner the one who chooses to be alone
the one who just is
man all these disappointments 
shaking and trembling but no evidence of it
the shield of protection 
for the skeleton
the facade of being unaffected
just holding back
i have to try so hard to not cry
i have to try so hard to not cry
always pick up chunks of the environment
so easily influenced what can i do
if it exceeds beyond my nature
exceeds beyond my limits
the curious eyes
it feels beyond
i had to try so hard not to cry

I received some terribly tragic news today. Mali Woods and her fiancé, producer Moe Johnson committed suicide on the 16th of November. Moe had three children. It is always devastating when young, talented people take their own lives and it usually happens that more questions are raised than answers provided.

I interviewed Mali just a month ago and we chatted about her new album, the Occupy movement and the lengths she went to in order to maintain diversity and equality in her life. It is a very sad day indeed when somebody of that calibre feels that they have reached the end of the world.
Mali Woods Outta The Woods Teaser from Uneon on Vimeo.

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