Thursday, 22 November 2012


by Ranimate

Story - Eyal Shirazi, Ran Sieradzki, Asaf Yeger
Director - Ran Sieradzki
Compositing - Eyal Shirazi
Lighting/Shading - Eran Ashraf, Rami Stainer, Avi Ben-Avraham
Rendering - Eran Ashraf, Avi Ben-Avraham
Modeling/Rigging - Moshe Bitan, Ran Sieradzki, Mark Serdtse
Animation - Ran Sieradzki
Art - Talya Fewkes, Alex Kizin, Ran Sieradzki
Music - Tomer Biran
Vocals - Anat Ben Hemo
Lyrics - Yael Heim

The Days pass by and I
Can’t even feel you passing by
I can’t believe you’re real
You’re like a dream through waking eyes

Far, meet me far
Meet me far
Meet me far

Far, meet me far
Meet me far
Meet me far

Your touch can slow down time
And even though you’re on my mind
You’re all I need in life
It’s you and me just drifting by

Far, meet me far...

"An animation I did after losing my life partner last January. I used the character from an up coming music video I worked on." - Ran Sieradzki

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